The Best Areas for Athens, Greece Real Estate Investment

Greece Real Estate Investment: Best Districts in Athens

Athens, Greece real estate comes in a range of options and prices that capture the truly diverse, dynamic spirit of the country. As the 4th best country to visit globally, Greece seamlessly blends the heart of the old world with the upbeat energy of a modern one. The many neighborhoods in Athens, Greece mean that foreign nationals looking for home life, work life, or a new cultural hotspot can feel right at home in their ideal area.

Immigration Explorer dives into the best neighborhoods for work, fun, or family and discusses some of the best aspects of living each in one. Discover the right area of Athens, Greece for real estate and investment for your chapter.

The Districts for Athens, Greece Real Estate

Whether searching in Athens, Greece for real estate to meet requirements for a family or for investment purposes, the city offers plenty of diverse options. Not only is the destination a favorite among visitors for its vast array of characters but it is also a dynamic European hot spot for business and development interests for foreigners.

In fact, real estate investments by foreign capital have continued to rise in the past decade. Check out the best areas for business, family, and lifestyle preferences.

Kerameikos – Best for Innovative Entrepreneurs

Just 15 minutes from the famous Acropolis and the city’s shopping hub on Ermou Street, Kerameikos is the best neighborhood for innovative, young entrepreneurs.

The backdrop of the neighborhood is surrounded by the rich historical and modern aspects of the country while being hailed as incredibly affordable Athens, Greece real estate prices. Cafes, restaurants, and shops keep the area upbeat and energetic every day of the week while still offering great selections for those with a budget.

Kypesli – Best for Welcoming a Multicultural Lifestyle

Kypesli is home to Athens, Greece real estate that is some of the city’s oldest.

Yet, despite the history of its age, the area has maintained influence as being both upscale through the decades and full of people from all walks of life. Highly-educated foreign nationals and investors have continued to settle into the neighborhood and preserve the rich history of multiculturalism in Greece.

Psirri – Best for Urban Creatives

Often referred to as the “Athenian SoHo,” Psirri is in the center of the city and easily accessible to many famous landmarks.

The area has been reclaimed by artists, musicians, and other creatives who have enjoyed transforming the industrial landscape of the neighborhood into a renovated hot spot for a dynamic lifestyle and a buzzing nightlife. Developments of bars, restaurants as well as unique hotels and shops continue to pop up and reinvent the scene of this area.

Exarcheia – Best for Engaging Communities

Exarcheia is known for its intellectual and community-based movements, making the area perfect for students or young entrepreneurs interested in continuing in the influential footsteps of Greek culture, history, and traditions.

As younger residents move into the area, more local businesses have established themselves to make their mark on the future of the city while having the National Archaeological Museum in the neighborhood a great reminder of the historical accomplishments of Greece.

Plaka – Best for Old World Charm

As one of the most relaxing neighborhoods in Athens, Greece for real estate, Plaka is picturesque with its Neoclassical architecture that follows a traditional Greek layout and character.

Real estate here goes back to the 19th century and features Cycladic houses, Byzantine churches, and Greek restaurants. As the area was the center of ancient Athens, the neighborhood is filled with many archeological hotspots.

Koukaki – Best for Family or Relaxed Retired Lifestyles

Although still centrally-located, Koukaki is the perfect place to stay within easy reach to all of the top spots in Athens while having a quieter, beautiful neighborhood to live in. The laidback area avoids the hassles of city life and tourism found in other neighborhoods while still maintaining a cool, urban feel. Families and foreign nationals wanting to retire surrounded by the best of Greek lifestyle would fit right into this community.

Kifisia – Best for Upscale City Life

Boasting both elegant Athens, Greece real estate and many shopping options, Kifisia is full of lush greenery and upscale properties. Real estate in Kifisia is some of the most exclusive and prominent but also some of the most well-known. Gardens, new architecture projects, and a spacious layout make this one of the most famous areas in Athens.

Piraeus – Best for a Modern Seaside

Just south-west of the city center is Piraeus, a coastal city and natural port of Athens that sees ferries to the Greek islands and other Mediterranean destinations. Still busy with restaurants, shops, and a well-known flea market, Piraeus provides the life by the sea that many associate with Greek life. 

The Zea Marina and the collection of private yachts that dot the coastline provide a charming seaside escape for those that enjoy life by the ocean but want the comfort and convenience of city life.

Glyfada – Best for Chic Beaches

No list of areas in Athens, Greek for real estate would be complete without mentioning the fantastic beach culture and Mediterranean waters found in the district. Glyfada is a short distance away from the city of Athens and is a favorite summer vacation spot among locals.

As a result, the last two decades have brought about huge infrastructure and luxurious development projects for the town. Famous clubs, hotels, and cafes are found in Glyfada and one can always enjoy the scenic taverns and exquisite restaurants directly on the beach. There is no better time than to invest in Athens, Greece real estate like the properties found in Glyfada during a time of investment and redevelopment.

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Immigration Explorer Has Your Athens, Greece Real Estate Opportunities

From foreign investors to retirees and young entrepreneurs – Athens, Greece has real estate opportunities and diverse noteworthy neighborhoods to fit any lifestyle and budget. A country steeped in past influential history and culture merged with a fresh, modern outlook on life, Greece showcases the best of the Greek lifestyle in Athens.

Become a resident of the European Union and part of a larger historical tapestry by completing your move to Athens in a few short weeks through the Golden Visa Greece program.

At Immigration Explorer, our real estate advisors and professional network of partners help you facilitate all the components of investing for residency, establishing your business, and finding your perfect Athens, Greece real estate for living or working. Contact our experts to actively jumpstart your journey into the rich landscape of Greece today.

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