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When it comes to international tax planning, alternative residency or alternative citizenship options are the best way to achieve financial freedom and a better overall lifestyle. When most immigrant investors begin the search abroad, they often think of the benefits of acquiring a second passport. Depending on the individual needs of the foreign national and their families, however, either permanent residency or citizenship may prove to be better long-term solutions. Explore the difference and benefits of both routes to greater freedom and financial opportunities!

Deciding Between Residency and Citizenship

Several factors go into the decision between seeking out residency program options or a complete move for citizenship. Investor programs range from requiring real estate investments, transfer of investment funds and donations, or business endeavors within countries that offer permanent residency or Citizenship by Investment programs.

Caribbean jurisdictions such as Antigua and Barbuda and St. Kitts and Nevis have long been the go-to when beginning the citizenship planning process. Yet, new avenues for immigrant investors within the EU are providing opportunities for even greater benefits such as visa-free travel, international tax optimization, and improved quality of life. Several European countries offer attractive residency programs for those that may not be completely set on citizenship, with routes to a second passport later if a foreign national finds the country to fulfill their needs.

Find out more about the ways you can start a new life in another country, either through permanent residency or Citizenship by Investment programs. Immigration Explorer can help match you to your dream destination.

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Several Ways to Immigrate to a Country

Permanent Residency Programs

Permanent residency programs are best for foreign investors who are not committed yet to moving to a new country or want to try out a destination before making life-long commitments. The best part of choosing to go with a residence permit first is that often, while citizenship planning, foreign nationals find that the requirements of obtaining citizenship require an initial residency in-country in which to qualify. So there really is no harm in first seeking residence when citizenship planning.

There are four investor programs found in Europe and abroad – investment funds; real estate property purchase or investment; company formation; a combination of both investment and real estate obligations.

Greece, Malta, and Portugal, for instance, offer permanent residency through investment funds into various areas, such as government bonds, company shares, or cultural and research-driven enterprises.

Greece and Portugal provide a residence permit for foreign nationals willing to purchase or invest in real estate property in-country. Cyprus also has a residency program based on real estate investment but also includes donation requirements.

Portugal has a unique residency program for entrepreneurs and executives interested in job creation and company formation.

Through all of these programs, foreign investors, and, to varying degrees, their families are able to gain access to the benefits of residing in the EU.

Language, business interests, access to investment capital, and cultural preferences are all important considerations when beginning the residence and citizenship planning process. Each country also has its own healthcare and educational features alongside recreational and lifestyle components. Consult with the professional at Immigration Explorer to get a better idea as to which jurisdictions are the best fit for you and your family.

Consult with a professional

At Immigration Explorer, we understand that figuring out the best path forward can be overwhelming. Consult for free with our professionals today and let us help you find the perfect program to get you to where you want to be in life!

Citizenship by Investment Programs

Citizenship by Investment programs offer wealthy individuals the chance to obtain a second passport and quick access to a range of country-specific advantages through a simple investment process.

Each allows foreign nationals and their families to become citizens with a direct monetary investment. In Greece and Portugal, foreign nationals can use the residency programs to start the first stages of the citizenship application. While Georgia has a direct Citizenship by Investment program, undecided individuals may seek citizenship after certain criteria of the residency program are met to qualify.

When it comes to selecting the best Citizenship by Investment program, it really comes down to time and investment capital. In Malta, the process takes 5 years to obtain citizenship after the initial investment and a four-year residency in-country.

If a foreign investor chooses to obtain permanent residency in a country first, citizenship by naturalization will be granted after a certain amount of designated time in the country. However, if the foreign investor is willing to pay a minimum upfront cost in real estate, investments, or donations in one application, then citizenship is usually granted right away.

Other ways of citizenship such as ancestral links are not included in the Citizenship by Investment programs. If you are not sure which is the most suited to your situation, contact our team today for advice on residence and citizenship planning as well as to learn more about your available options.

Is it only for high-net-worth individuals?

Residence and citizenship planning is not just for wealthy individuals. Permanent residency and obtained citizenship can have immense advantages for a foreign national by providing more freedom to work and travel visa-free. Now investor programs are not limited to the Caribbean, but European countries offer incentivized programs as well!

Entrepreneurs can seek the most ideal business environments to see their career goals achieved and optimize their professional and personal finances.

Retirees and foreign nationals with large families can ensure that they have access to the best climates, healthcare, safety, and education for each significant step in life.

Residence and citizenship planning can start as low as 16,000 USD and go up from there, but often the rewards of a permanent residency or second passport far exceed the initial investment costs through these programs especially as foreign investment continues to pour into these unique jurisdictions.

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