Montenegro Citizenship by Investment

The Montenegro Citizenship by Investment program is one of the newest Citizenship by Investment opportunities. Announced on 1 October 2018 and enacted in January 2019, the program allows interested foreign investors and their families to get Montenegrin citizenship and future benefits of EU membership. This is a rare, limited-time program that gives 2,000 applicants in the next two years the opportunity to experience the wonders of living in Montenegro, enjoy affordable real estate prices and tax benefits, and gain a valuable second passport.

Why Choose Montenegro?

As one of the fastest-growing economies in the Balkans, Montenegro is more than just a unique holiday destination. Its vibrant culture paired with stunning natural terrain – from picturesque beaches to rugged mountain ranges – make Montenegro an exciting country to consider for a second passport.

Located in the west-central Balkans, Montenegro is close to other European travel and business destinations. Tourists have been captivated by the charm of Montenegro’s rich architectural heritage that has been influenced by the Byzantines, Venetians, Greeks, and even Asians to name a few.

Montenegro declared its sovereignty on 3 June 2006 and two days later was recognized by the Serbian government. Foreign investors through the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment program have a chance to explore the diverse qualities of the new country and experience the benefits of this growing international economy.

Pleasantly Mild, Seasonal Weather
Diverse Terrain
Distinct Cultural Lifestyle
Small, Up-and-Coming Country
Close to Major European Cities
Service Industry Based

Montenegro Country Profile

Short History: This small nation has a fascinating and complex history. The early Balkan tribes, Illyrian, were joined by Celtic and Roman settlers. First conquered by the Romans and then incorporated into the Byzantine Empire, the region was then joined by Slavic inhabitants from Poland and the Baltic. 

For many decades, Serbs controlled the region and the area of present-day Montenegro held out from Ottoman rule. Throughout the years, Montenegro established itself as a separate region and continued to strive for independence. It finally achieved recognition from the UN on July 27 2006 as the 192nd member state.

Taxes: In general, Montenegro has a low tax rate and a simple tax system. Most people pay a rate of 9% on personal income tax, and income above the average is taxed at 11%. There is also a surtax imposed by Montenegro municipalities on personal income at a 15% rate of what is paid in taxes to the federal government. Non-residents are required to pay 5% interest income tax. 

The corporate tax rate is also 9% and applies to capital gains and interest income as well. As it is relatively easy to set up a business in Montenegro and have a low taxation scheme, many foreign nationals prefer to establish a company over finding work. If a new company is operating exclusively in underdeveloped areas of the country, they may be granted an exemption from the corporate tax rate. Double tax treaties have been signed with a majority of EU countries as well as the UK, Russia, China, and Switzerland.

Advantages & Disadvantages of the Citizenship: The advantages of gaining citizenship through the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment program are the low taxes and the relatively cheap cost of living. Although the country and the program are new, the history and natural landscape of the region is not. With sunny, warm coastal areas and cool, mountainous and wooded areas, Montenegro is a vibrant place to explore. Additionally you will enjoy 124 visa free countries as a citizen of Montenegro.

The disadvantages include difficulty in mastering the language, having access to specialized medical treatment, and navigating daily life in a small country. However, Montenegro is quickly implementing new policies and initiatives to catch up with the rest of Europe and many foreign nationals have already found a place of opportunity in the new country.

Languages: Montenegrin is the official language of the country and can be a difficult language to learn. While many restaurants and services in the tourist areas of the country speak English, acquiring the local language is a must for foreign nationals looking to reside in Montenegro.

Healthcare: Healthcare services in Montenegro are a mix of both private and public care. Since the country is new, medical care is still improving to meet the standards of other European countries. Foreign nationals often purchase insurance policies that include medical evacuation so that appropriate treatment for specific cases can be treated out-of-country.

Retirement: Although Montenegro has no specific retirement program, the advantages of low taxes and affordable real estate has drawn many retired foreign nationals to the country. Montenegro also has several agreements with other countries so that retired foreign nationals can maintain part or all of their health and pension benefits. The other benefit is the low cost of living compared to other European countries, maximizing retirement potential.

Come to Montenegro

A small country with big advantages for investors, Montenegro offers a chance to be a part of this fast-growing economy. Find out more about the exciting new developments of this distinct location!

Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program Highlights

Brand New Program

Montenegro Citizenship by Investment is one of the newest programs and only lasts until 2021 for 2,000 applicants.

Full Family Eligibility

Citizenship is granted to the applicant as well as their spouse and children or dependents, including those over the age of 18.

Lowest Cost Citizenship Program

The program has some of the lowest, most affordable investment costs of all European programs with the possibility of a majority of the investment to be returned.

No Residency Required

Through the program, there are no requirements for residency at any point before or after applying to be granted citizenship.

Low Income Tax

Income tax is only 9%, which is much lower than other European countries. At the same time, living standards in Montenegro are quite high.

US Business Opportunities

Through the E-2 Treaty, signed by Montenegro and the United States, citizens are able to set up a business in the US and then reside in the US after. This component is a huge advantage for those looking to expand business operations into the American market.

EU-Candidate Country

Currently, the country is a future candidate for EU membership, and citizenship could lead to more freedom to travel, work, and live in Europe. Montenegro will also join the Schengen area by 2025.

Dual Citizenship

Under the Citizenship by Investment scheme, Montenegro does not require applicants to give up other citizenships. This program is beneficial for foreign nationals looking to hold dual citizenship.

Affordable Real Estate

It is relatively cheap to buy real estate in Montenegro. Property owners also enjoy low utility bills and several tax breaks to make the investment in real estate affordable. The process of purchasing real estate is also hassle-free and can be done in a matter of a few days.

Montenegro Program Requirements?

Included in the application, an applicant must:

Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Citizenship Program Process

The Montenegro Citizenship by Investment program allows foreign nationals to receive citizenship within three months for themselves, their families, and future generations by making a donation and investing in real estate.

The Montenegro Citizenship by Investment scheme requires

1. a ~117,000 USD (100,000€) non-refundable contribution to a special government fund for the advancement of underdeveloped areas of Montenegro

2. a ~117,000 USD (100,000€) non-refundable contribution to the state government (new since 1 January 2022)

3A. at least ~293,000 USD (250,000€) minimum real estate investment in an underdeveloped region OR
3B. at least ~528,000 USD (450,000€) minimum real estate investment in a developed region

With these investments, a foreign national can receive citizenship for themselves, their spouse, and children. Dependents over the age of 18 may also qualify. Citizenship is lifelong and will be granted to future generations.

There is no language test requirement for this program.


3-4 days

Property Selection, Purchase Document Preparation, Application Submission

1 month

Approval of Application

3 months, to fulfill residency requirement regardless of physical presence

Citizenship by Investment in Montenegro - Costs at a Glance

Real Estate Investment Property: ~293,000 USD (250,000€) for underdeveloped regions // ~528,000 USD (450,000€) for developed regions
Donations: ~117,000 USD (100,000€) non-refundable contribution for regional development AND ~117,000 USD (100,000€) non-refundable contribution to the state budget
Transfer tax on land or previously transferred buildings: 3%
VAT, only imposed on new buildings and legal services: 21%
Capital gains from the sale of property: 9%
Rental income tax, with deductions available: 9%
Property tax: 0.25-1.0% (imposed on user, not owner)

Total: ~510,000 USD (450,000€) or 745,000 USD (650,000€) + Application, Due Diligence and other Legal Fees

Start Your Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Today!

The Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program has one of the fastest processing times and is uniquely located near key European destinations while still offering an investor complete immersion into a dynamic culture. 

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