The Malta Golden Visa program is one of the most popular programs among European countries due to the relatively low cost of the residency program and the unique atmosphere that Malta offers. Malta Residence by Investment is also quite affordable and straightforward. 

As a Schengen country, Malta has one of the fastest-growing limited real estate markets and a favorable tax environment for businesses. Read more on how your entire family can become permanent residents through this highly beneficial, low-cost Golden Visa program.

Why Choose Malta?

Malta is a multicultural country with warm weather and warm people. The diverse culture and ease of doing business make Malta an ideal jurisdiction for any type of foreign investor.

From plenty of economic developments and a favorable tax planning environment for entrepreneurs and HNWIs to a high-quality standard of living for retirees and families, Malta offers a lifestyle that is both flexible and rewarding.

Sunny All Year Long

Safest Country in Europe

Stable Real Estate Market

Official Language: English

Key Geographic Location

Country Profile

Short History: From the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, and Byzantines, Malta has had a colorful history. Following these ancient civilizations, Malta was under the rule of the British Empire until 1964. Recognizing independent sovereignty in 1974, Malta adopted many of the legal and educational systems of the British and English is still an official language of the country. Malta became an EU member-state in May 2004 and joined the Eurozone in 2008. Today it is a cultural hub that has attracted a wide-range of foreign nationals to the country.

Taxes: The tax regime in Malta is very attractive for both individuals and corporations. There are a number of double tax treaties and personal income tax rates vary from 0%-35% for local income. Malta’s personal tax is based on a remittance system: Residents who are not domiciled in Malta are only taxed on income sourced in Malta; foreign income is only taxed if remitted to Malta (15%). The corporate tax rate is 35%. However, upon distribution of profits to its shareholders, these shareholders are eligible to claim a full or partial refund of the taxes. In Malta, there is no gift tax, inheritance tax, or wealth tax.

Advantages & Disadvantages: The weather of Malta is one of its biggest advantages. Abundantly sunny and mild year-round, Malta is a destination that can be enjoyed any time of year. It is also rather affordable compared to other European countries. Internet and mobile services are often cited as expensive and slow in comparison to other Western countries, one of the few drawbacks for foreigners. However, the country is one of the safest in the EU with an extremely low crime rate. Another downside is the condition of traffic infrastructure, which has been improving in the last few years but still continues to be listed as a disadvantage.

Languages: The official languages of Malta are English and Maltese, making it a top choice for foreign nationals looking to make the move abroad. Roughly 90% of the population speaks English. Yet, learning the Maltese language garners more respect and acceptance by the locals.

Healthcare: In Malta, healthcare is considered free for those who are employed. Malta ranks in the top EU countries for overall quality care. Also, private insurance is quite inexpensive and allows patients to skip long waits and processes often found at the public institutions.

Retirement: EU nationals may benefit from the new Malta retirement tax program. Under the program, retirees are eligible for a personal tax liability of 15% on any foreign income that is remitted to Malta. There is a minimum Malta tax liability of 9,000 USD (7,500€) per year. Locally-sourced income is taxed at a flat rate of 35%. The conditions include spending a minimum of 90 days yearly in Malta and purchasing real estate at a minimum of 322,000 USD (275,000€) or renting annually at a minimum of 11,000 USD (9,600€).


Come to Malta

Experience the warmth of Malta and its people through one of the most popular residency programs in Europe. Set up a consultation with our experts and see what makes this program so unique!


Cheapest European Golden Visa

The Malta Golden Visa Program has the lowest investment price in the EU

Expat Recommended

Malta is considered the best country for expats and entrepreneurs

No Language Barriers

As English is the official language of the country, many foreign nationals feel right at home while living and doing business in the country

British Connection

As a former UK colony, the government of Malta offers English-style laws

No Residency Required

The Malta Golden Visa program does not require applicants to permanently live in Malta to maintain eligibility

Full Family Extension

Up to 4th generation family members including grandparents, parents, and children of any age may also be included for permanent residency

Maltese Citizenship Options

After 5 years, foreign nationals residing in Malta may qualify for citizenship. Fast-track routes (1 year, 3 years) available.

2nd Best Golden Visa

The Malta Golden Visa is one of the most flexible programs in the world with qualifying investment through real estate.

Safety and Stability

Malta is considered one of the safest, most stable of European countries to live and work within the Schengen area

What Are the Requirements?

Permanent Residency in Malta

Citizenship in Malta

What Are the Requirements?

 Included in the application, an applicant:

*Pay 5,000 Euros for each additional person on the application beyond the main applicant. The application is flexible and family members may be added at any time.

Citizenship application:

Malta Golden Visa - Costs at a Glance

The real estate can be bought OR rented!

Rental property: income of at least ~12,000 USD (10,000 €) per year for 5 years plus Government Fee of ~115,000 USD (98,000€)
Purchase property: real estate worth at least ~354,000 USD (300,000€) plus Government Fee of ~80,000 USD (68,000€) kept at least 5 years
Personal capital/savings: at least ~589,000 USD (500,000€)
Philanthropic contribution: at least ~2,300 USD (2,000€)

Total: from ~176,000 USD (150,000€) + Legal and Insurance Fees

Estimated ROI (Rental): 5%

Inquiry about the Malta Golden Visa!

The Malta Golden Visa Program is one of the cheapest programs for the whole family to relocate and enjoy the benefits of the European Union.

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