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Immigration Explorer is the immigration consulting company of your choice. We focus on second passports and residency in the eight best countries in the EU, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. 

Based in Cyprus and active internationally, we are your trusted investment immigration and relocation company, offering all-inclusive immigration assistance to businesses and individuals.

Our vision is to help people live a free and independent life in the location that is best for them, their family, and business. We assist private clients and businesses to fulfill their potential through global citizenship.

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Your Flag to Freedom

In a globalized world, it’s easier and more important than ever for smart companies and individuals to take advantage of opportunities.

We assist high-net-worth individuals and their families as well as business owners with all their needs around alternative residency and citizenship through a variety of investment programs.

Did you know that Citizenship by Investment (CBI) and Residency by Investment (RBI) schemes first developed in the 1980s? However, in a more globalized world, they have gained popularity and have become increasingly more common since around 2010.

About our Immigration Consulting Company

We speak and act from experience! Our story actually begins in 2017 with the relocation and business setup of Tenba Group, the managing company behind Immigration Explorer, in Cyprus. 

Based on its success, and the observation of Cyprus as a popular immigration country led to the creation of Immigration Explorer in 2020.

Therefore, we are able to provide you with personalized guidance and support for every step along the immigration process – from legal requirements to paperwork and fulfillment partners.

We work independently from any country or government. Therefore, we will always give you unbiased guidance and support on what is best for your particular situation. We don’t “push” any particular programs.

About our immigration consulting company in Cyprus

Our Immigration Consulting Team

We are an international team of experienced professionals, committed to your success! Our goal is to make your life easier with high-quality service, the latest investment immigration insights, and extensive partnerships. We work quickly, discretely, and affordably.

Christian Schuster - Investment Immigration Consultant

Christian Schuster


Immigration Explorer founder and entrepreneur Christian immigrated from Germany to Cyprus with his family in 2017. There, he started a digital marketing agency specialized in China advertising – Tenba Group. Due to its vast success, and based on the need he observed, the idea to create a global immigration service platform was born. His particular interests are everything around digitalization and global citizenship.

Ivan Kazakov - Investment Immigration Consultant

Ivan Kazakov


Ivan holds an MBA in Management from the European University of Cyprus. His vast expertise in the field of property sales, immigration, citizenship, asset allocation and investment led him to the position of  our Sales Manager. Ivan is responsible for reviewing the sales process to ensure that all resources are being fully utilized and the best possible service is provided to our clients. Customer care is an integral part of his responsibilities as Sales Manager and Ivan is on hand throughout the negotiation and agreement procedures, contributing his great experience and expertise to make sure that clients are left satisfied, and sales targets are successfully met.

Dimitar Popov

Dimitar Popov

Sales Manager

Dimitar Popov has served in leading finance and operational roles for multi-million dollar international corporations helping them achieve new horizons in cost savings, operational excellence and business footprint capacity expansion. Throughout his experience he has lead teams in saving millions of dollars for the overall bottom line, and finding new opportunities in any aspect of their business to maintain their pole position. With his vast professional multi-industry experience, he is able to help individuals and organizations navigate through the complex world of investment immigration and reach their full potential in expanding their business domestically and internationally. Dimitar holds an MBA from Roosevelt University, Illinois. He is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a licensed Illinois Real Estate Agent.

Ting Zheng Immigration Explorer Consultant

Ting Zheng

Expansion Manager

As the global immigration business is very dynamic, it is important to stay on top of all new developments, and constantly screen for potential new investment immigration countries. At Immigration Explorer, this is Ting’s area of expertise. Her extensive international network allows her to professionally monitor the global residency and citizenship program news. Ting currently resides in Beijing, China.

Jenjira Surapha - Investment Immigration Consultant

Jenni Su

Relocation Expert Asia

Jenni is originally from Thailand but came to Germany at a young age, where she specialized in East Asian Studies at university. At the beginning of her career, she advised businesses on marketing to China. Today, she develops global business partnerships. At Immigration Explorer she assists people with relocating to Asia, Dubai / UAE and Thailand in particular. Jenni currently resides in Cyprus with her family and business.



Relocation Expert Europe & Middle East

Originally from Germany, Andrea is Immigration Explorer’s expert for European & Middle Eastern destinations. In particular, Montenegro and Georgia. With her marketing studies and international work experience, she is a valued contact person for our clients from around the world. She resides in Asia, where she consults our clients, in particular citizens of China, Russia, and the Arab Emirates.

Our Immigration Consulting Company Solutions

At Immigration Explorer, we deal with high profile, HNWI, and UHNWI investors from around the world. We understand their needs and concerns and assist in finding the best program to match individual needs. Plus, we assist with the application process so you can obtain a golden visa or citizenship.

Immigration Consulting Company for Permanent Residency
Permanent Residency

Starting from 175,000 USD in the EU (Malta) and from 16,000 USD internationally (Thailand).

citizenship immigration consulting
Citizenship by Investment

Starting from 293,000 USD internationally (Georgia).

Personal Immigration Consulting
Immigration Consulting Services

We are by your side for every step along the immigration process.

What Sets Us Apart

Find out what sets us apart so that we can help you stand out!

we speak your languages!
We Speak Your Language

We discuss your needs in English, Chinese, Thai, German, Bulgarian, and Greek.

Your experienced Immigration Consulting Company

Real-life and on-the-ground experience for our international clients.

Our Immigration Consulting Company assists you
All-Inclusive Assistance

All-inclusive immigration guidance (residency, citizenship) and concierge services.

We are well connected in the Immigration Consulting Industry
Well Connected

You benefit from our reliable international connections. We have an extensive partner network in every jurisdiction - from real estate agents to lawyers, and more.

Immigration Consulting needs to be dynamic
Dynamic & Discrete

In this fast-paced environment, we always stay up-to-date about global residency and citizenship programs. We work dynamically and discreetly for your success!

Our company selected one of the best and affordable programs

We work commission-based for successful RBI and CBI. Our consultations are always FREE! We believe that our advisory and processing costs are lower than our competitors’. Please try us!

Our Immigration Consulting Approach

1: Listen

At Immigration Explorer, we deal with high profile, HNWI, and UHNWI investors from around the world. We understand their needs and concerns and assist in finding the best program matching individual needs. Plus, we assist with the application process so you can obtain a golden visa or citizenship.

2: Consult

Our international experts advise you on the best golden visa or citizenship countries and programs for your specific situation. We draw from an extensive network of investment immigration partners. Therefore, we can always quickly answer any questions, even if they are very particular and individualistic.

3: Deliver

We help you with every step of the golden visa or citizenship program. Depending on the type of investment required, we assist you with the real estate purchase or any other type of financial transactions required by the program. Plus, we will never leave you alone with the paperwork. Finally, we also have an extensive network of specialized lawyers, and other fulfillment partners to ensure a smooth process along the way. At Immigration Explorer, we focus on making your life easier and more successful!

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