As Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the fastest growing cities in the world with state-of-the-art technology and modernized attractions, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a top choice for Residency by Investment through the Golden Visa UAE program.

Why Choose UAE?

The United Arab Emirates combines the best of work and high quality of life. With a fast-growing economy and new investment developments continuing to pour into the country, the UAE has a solid reputation for being a thriving business economy and comfortable residential lifestyle. 

Highly-developed infrastructure across all sectors and industries make the country safe and stable. The attractively low tax scheme and convenient location make the country perfect for optimizing wealth and enjoying the benefits of one of the most modern countries in the world today.

Proximity to Europe and Asia

Advanced Technology and Cities

Luxurious Lifestyle

Global Cuisine and Culture

Tax-Free Salaries and Food

Country Profile

Short History: The region has had inhabitants as far back as 5,000 BC, emerging in the Neolithic Period. Throughout the centuries, the area has always been known for its influential trading activities in world affairs. Many settlers took advantage of the region’s trade expansion such as the Phoenicians and Greeks. With the development of Islamic religion and culture, the region found more stability and progress. 

For 150 years, the Portuguese controlled the area until the Ottoman Empire established its control. Overland trade as well as new shipping activities connect the region to the rest of the globe like never before. In 1971, seven sheikdoms came together to form the United Arab Emirates and agreed on the constitution. Trade and business carry on in the present-day, making the country one of the most globally connected modern nations. Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE and Dubai is an international travel hub and luxury destination. Both cities are known for being the best modern cities in the world today for world-class, new-age adventures.

Taxes: One of the most important factors for foreign investors when selecting the UAE as their choice of residence is the attractive tax policies. There is no income tax, property tax, capital gains tax, or inheritance tax. Other taxes, such as VAT and rental income tax, are low 5% rates. 

Many goods, including food and restaurants, are not taxed. For businesses, the UAE offers many tax advantages as well. There is no official corporate income tax in the country. Although each emirate has its own tax decree with rates up to 55%. Many of these are only enforced on business activities relating to oil, gas, and other natural gas production or extraction.

Advantages & Disadvantages: As a thriving economy, there are many rewarding opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs. However, there may be an adjustment period for some foreign nationals when experiencing a new culture for the first time. As religion plays a major role in the country, prayers and holiday observances could make for unusual business hours. 

One helpful feature of the country is the large number of expats and the wide usage of English to communicate. This can be useful as foreign investors navigate through bureaucracy and complex regulations. Most importantly, the UAE has a vibrant lifestyle and endless places to enjoy outside of working hours.

Languages: While the official language of the UAE is Arabic, a number of other languages can be found in daily life with the majority of residents being foreign nationals. These include Pashto, Balochi, Hindi, and Persian. English is also easily found throughout the country and in business activities.

Healthcare: While the UAE has a national healthcare program, foreign residents are not completely included. In order to receive residency, foreign nationals will need to show proof of insurance. If an employer does not sponsor a health card, a foreign national will need to apply for one regardless of private coverage. 

However, with the health card, foreign nationals will have the option to choose services at either public or private health institutions. Healthcare services can be quite expensive in the UAE but the quality is also the best in the world. With advanced technology and quality specialists, the UAE has quickly risen as a medical tourism destination.

Retirement: Recently announced in September 2020, Dubai will be launching a new retirement program called “Retire in Dubai.” Resident expats and foreigners over the age of 55 will be able to apply for a retirement visa if they meet one of three requirements: 

  • monthly income of 5,400 USD (20,000 AED)
  • savings of 272,000 USD (1 million AED)
  • own property worth 545,000 USD (2 million AED) in Dubai 

The visa will be renewable every five years and the initial phase will focus on UAE working residents already over the age of 55.

Come to UAE

Embrace the richness of UAE and all the luxuries of the Golden Visa UAE Program. Consult with our relocation experts and find yourself on top of the world!


Luxury Golden Visa Program

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are some of the most elite cities in the world today. Through the program, foreign investors are permitted entry into one of the most luxurious visa programs found anywhere in the world.

Full Family Eligibility

Through the program, spouses and children are able to also gain long-term residency visas and with the business option also include key business partners.

Global Hub

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the epicenters of finance, travel, and culture in a globalized world. Not only are they significant hubs for business ventures, a majority of residents come from all over the globe. There are many dynamic mixes of cuisines and attractions that represent the diverse nature of the country.

No Residency Required

Through this specific Golden Visa UAE program, foreign nationals are not required to reside in or visit the country every 6 months. Investors have total freedom to choose where they reside during the years in the program as long as investment conditions are maintained.

No Income Tax

One of the most unique aspects of the UAE is that there is no income tax and many other lifestyle aspects are also tax-free. Food and restaurants go untaxed, making it easy for residents to save money in the long-term.

Key Destination

The UAE is in a perfect location for those who travel often for work or fun, or who wish to visit relatives in other parts of the globe. Its proximity to Europe and Asia makes it an ideal place to save on time and travel expenses while in the residency program.

Thriving Business Environment

A quick glance around the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi show that virtually every major brand has established branches in the UAE. The economy is thriving and with more foreign investors taking advantage of the Golden Visa UAE program, business does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.


The UAE has been welcoming foreign investors and businesses for a while and has a welcoming attitude towards people from all countries. It is easy to find a community of expats to connect with and many aspects of daily life are easy to navigate regardless of your birth country.

World-Class Attractions

As one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world and with lots of foreign investment coming into the country each year, the UAE has a wide range of world-class attractions for any interest or hobby. From exquisite parks to grand shopping malls, foreign investors will never be bored with this long-term residency visa.

What Are the Requirements?

Included in the application, an applicant:

Golden Visa UAE Residency Program

Through the Golden Visa UAE program, foreign investors are granted temporary residency for a maximum of 5 or 10 years. The program is specifically catered towards investors, business entrepreneurs, outstanding students, researchers, and other highly-valued talents. Moreover, foreign entrepreneurs may now own 100% of their business, unlike the previous partnership policy.

There are two routes for obtaining temporary residency with the Golden Visa UAE program, dependent on business interests or real estate investment. Business investors are granted a 10-year residency permit through a minimum of 2.72 million USD (10 million AED) in public investments. This can be done through a deposit into an investment fund inside the UAE, establishing a company with a capital that meets this minimum, or partnering in a new or existing company in which the shares meet this minimum. A combination of these is also accepted as long as they are at least 60% of the total investment, not including the real estate sector. Under this visa, foreign nationals are exempt from the conditions to enter the UAE once every 180 days.

The 10-year residency permit may be extended to a spouse, children under the age of 18 or unmarried daughters, as well as one advisor and one executive director.

Entrepreneurs might also be granted a visa if they have an existing project with a capital of at least 136,000 USD (500,000 AED) or those who get approval for an accredited business in the UAE. Real estate investors can obtain a 5-year residency permit with the Golden Visa UAE program by investing in a residential property with a gross value of at least 1.36 million USD (5 million AED). This cannot be done on a loan basis and the property must be retained for a minimum of 3 years. There is also the option to invest in real estate for a lower price of 272,000 USD (1 million AED) to be granted a 2-year residency permit. Real estate investment residency permits do not come with the right to work. The residency visa may be renewed as long as the ownership of the property is retained.

Spouses and children can be included in the real estate residency permit.


1-2 days

Property Selection and Purchase, if applicable

2-4 days

Document Preparation and Application Submission

1-2 days

Approval of Application

1 month

Costs at a Glance (Real Estate Option)

Golden Visa Program (5 Years)

Real Estate Investment Property, habitual: 1.36 million USD (5 million AED)
Rental Income Tax: 5%
Land Registry Fee, paid half by the seller and half by the buyer: 4%
VAT Tax: 5%, residential properties exempted
ROI Estimated (popular areas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi): 6.5-7.9%

Total: 1.36 million USD (5 million AED) + Taxes and Legal Fees

Golden Passport Program (2 Years)

Real Estate Investment Property, habitual: 272,000 USD (1 million AED)
Rental Income Tax: 5%
Land Registry Fee, paid half by the seller and half by the buyer: 4%
VAT Tax: 5%, residential properties exempted
ROI Estimated (popular areas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi): 6.5-7.9%

Total: 272,000 USD (1 million AED) + Taxes and Legal Fees

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