Golden Visa for Portugal

The Golden Visa Portugal program is an excellent option for foreign investors seeking to obtain a second passport, as the route to citizenship is quite straightforward and comes with a range of investment opportunities for any budget.

The flexibility of the program as well as the dynamic Portuguese lifestyle makes it an attractive residency program and gateway into the EU with few obligations and many advantages. Learn more about the profitable process of living in Portugal with a Portuguese Golden Visa.

Why Choose Portugal?

The Golden Visa Portugal program has attracted over 5.6 billion USD (4.8 billion€) in long-term investment assets, with the largest being in residential property. Over 90% of the program participants have opted to stay in Portugal and purchase a property investment, further strengthening the overall economic prosperity of the country.

The Golden Visa Portugal program is a flexible and straightforward program, with the Portuguese government offering the most diverse range of investment options among European countries. Portuguese residency is not dependent on investors living in Portugal, yet so many have discovered the beauty of the country, its history, and its people. 

The top five destinations of Golden Visa applications come from China, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, and Lebanon, securing EU residency and the freedom for applicants and their family members to work and travel visa-free throughout the EU.

Scenic Landscapes
Affordable Real Estate
Family-Friendly Country
Vibrant Culture
Large Community of Retired Expats
Close to International Travel Destinations

Portugal Profile

Short History: Rich in history and culture, Portugal has long been a destination favorite. Infrastructure and economic growth continue to strengthen across the country and its ecological focus is often recognized worldwide. As part of continental Europe and as one of the oldest nation-states in Europe, Portugal has eras influenced by the Celts, Romans, Visigoths, Carthaginians, and the Moors. In the 15th century, it became the first global empire and led the Age of Discovery. Its unique blend of traditional and modern cultural influences are found all throughout the lifestyle aspects of the country.

Taxes: 10-year income tax exemption on foreign income with the NHR status (non-habitual resident tax regime, no minimum stay required). Portuguese income from specific professions and self-employment is taxed at 20% with the NHR status as opposed to the normal Portuguese personal income tax rates between 14.5%-48%. Portugal currently has 52 double tax treaties. Rental income is taxed at 15%. There is no inheritance tax in Portugal. The corporate tax rate is 21%, with exceptions and reduced rates available. The capital gains tax for individuals is 28% and corporations 25%. There are also municipal taxes for both individuals and companies.

Advantages & Disadvantages: Portugal is a melting pot of different cultures and heritages. Many foreign communities have established themselves in the country over the decades. Beyond community, Portugal is the second safest country in Europe, with a warm attitude towards foreigners. The country can be quite affordable in comparison to other EU countries. General produce and locally-sourced items are very cheap, but consumer goods tend to be quite costly. Consumer goods are anywhere between 20 to 50% more expensive.

Languages: To live in Portugal, knowing Portuguese is a must. It is also part of the requirement for citizenship. However, the interest in English is growing and more young students are interested in learning the language.

Healthcare: Residents of Portugal enjoy paid healthcare, with most services being free and only a few cases of additional fees. Often fees for both private and public facilities are quite low and private insurance policies can save a patient 50 to 75% of the costs. Through the healthcare card issued for residents, medical care is administered in public hospitals. Residents receive a family doctor through which referrals for specialists are conducted.

Retirement: Through the residency programs, non-EU retirees are granted a ten-year exemption on taxation on all foreign income. Locally-sourced income is taxed at a flat rate of 20% instead of the progressive rate. This must be applied for before March 31 to qualify for the same year.

Come to Portugal

Vibrant and adventurous, Portugal is a country like none other. Speak to a team member today about experiencing the spirit of Portugal for yourself!


Range of Investment Options

The Golden Visa Portugal program offers three different ways to gain a residency card

No Physical Presence Required

Only 7 days of stay in Portugal is required annually to maintain permanent residency


The program is in good standing with the OECD and other international organizations

Easy Citizenship Route

Living in Portugal for 5 years as a permanent resident provides options to apply for Portuguese citizenship hassle-free

Equal Rights for Residents

Foreign nationals enjoy the same benefits and legal protections as citizens that stay in Portugal

High Quality of Life

Portugal is seen as a vibrant cultural and historical destination that is both traditional and modern for any lifestyle

Business- Friendly

Great location for entrepreneurs and executives looking for long-term solutions to investment capitalization

Extensive Healthcare Options

Portugal has quality healthcare that gives family members and retirees peace of mind across all medical backgrounds

A Myriad of Cultures

Golden Visa applications hail from all over the globe, with the most being from China, Brazil, South Africa, Turkey, and Russia

What Are the Requirements?

Included in the application, an applicant must have:

Citizenship applicants must also:

Golden Visa Portugal Program - Residency

The Golden Visa Portugal program is one of the most popular investment programs as investment funds come in a range of options. The three most common avenues for foreign investors to apply for permanent residency are real estate property investment, direct investment of funds, or the creation of 10 jobs.

Updates since 1 January 2022

  • Real Estate (residential): The following regions are no longer eligible for real estate investment: Lisbon, Porto, coastal/resort regions. But the real estate investment amount remains unchanged.
  • Real estate (commercial): ALL regions in Portugal are eligible (including Madeira and Azores) with a minimum investment amount of 350,000€.
  • Other Investment Options: (1) Transferring capital increased from 1 million € to 1.5 million €, (2) Investment amounts in Venture Capital, research and businesses with creation of 5 jobs increased from 350,000 € to 500,000€, and (3) Investment for preservation and restoration of heritage and culture remains unchanged at 250,000€.

The general requirements across all options for qualifying investments remain unchanged:

A) Real Estate Investment

Through this option, a residency card is granted for the purchase of one or more properties on the real estate market. All property types qualify for the Golden Visa Portugal program and co-ownership is a possibility. 

Although, certain directives by the Portuguese government may soon limit which cities are not eligible for real estate property investment for Portuguese residency. Foreign investors have the freedom to rent, lease, or use the property at their discretion.

The investment should total ~586,000 USD (500,000€). However, if a property is purchased in which construction was completed over 30 years ago or is located in an urban rehabilitation location, the investment requirement may be reduced to ~410,000 USD (350,000€) with conditions. Another alternative are existing properties requiring renovation in low-density areas; here the investment amount to get the Portugal Golden Visa may be reduced to ~320,000USD (280,000€) with conditions.

At the moment, the regions of Lisbon and Porto are not accepting new residential real estate investments for the Golden Visa program.  

B) Transfer of Investment Funds

Choosing investment funds as a way to qualify for Portuguese residency is most commonly achieved through a minimum investment of 1.17 million USD (1 million €).

Others methods include:

C) Job Creation

The cheapest option is to invest in a way that creates a minimum of 10 jobs in Portugal. There is no minimum investment value nor a limitation on areas or activities this includes. A foreign investor must maintain compliance with Social Security obligations.

If you choose to go this route, be advised that the Portuguese government is currently reviewing the conditions of the residency program, and the minimum investment and number of job creation eligibility may rise in the future. Currently, however, there are no stipulations on the minimum investment fund value, and the number of jobs created is maintained at a minimum of 10.


3-4 days

Property Selection and Purchase or Investment Fund Set-up

3-4 days

Document Preparation and Application Submission

3-4 days

Approval of Application

6 months

Payment of Fees and In-Person Interview

Receive Residency Card

10-20 days

*The process ranges in duration depending on many factors, such as investment type, documentation preparation, and approval times. Some applicants have received approval in as little as 3 months.

Portuguese Citizenship

Portuguese citizenship may be applied for after an applicant has lived in Portugal for a 5-year period and abided by the regulations of the Portuguese Golden Visa program.

Applicants may also apply for Portuguese citizenship and may be approved without ever having resided in the country. Although for this to apply, an investor will need to have acquired a residence card via the Golden Visa Portugal program and demonstrate ties to the country, along with passing the language test. 

*A language test is required and can be taken any time prior to application

Golden Visa Residency Program Application Process

1 year

Renew Residency Permit

In year 2, after Golden Visa granted for one year (3rd year from start of process)

Renew Residency Permit

In year 4

Request Permanent Residency or Citizenship

in Year 5

Golden Visa Portugal - Costs at a Glance

Real Estate Property: ~320,000 USD (280,000€) minimum
Legal Fees: 1.5%-2% Property Purchase Value
Rental Income Tax: 28%
Immovable Property Tax: 0.3%-0.8%, dependent on municipal rate
Property Purchase Tax (IMT): 0%-8%
Stamp Duty: 0.4%-0.8%
Estimated ROI: 5%

Total: ~320,000 USD (280,000€) + Taxes and Fees

Apply for Your Golden Visa in Portugal Now!

The Portugal Golden Visa Program has the most diversity in investment options for relocating and enjoying the benefits of the European Union.

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