Cyprus Residency for Digital Nomads?

is cyprus residency the best option for digital nomads

With a gorgeous location and many economic advantages, Cyprus residency is perfect for digital nomads and online entrepreneurs scouting for permanent residency and a place to set up a company.

Cyprus isn’t just a beautiful destination. It is also in a prime location in the EU that offers favorable systems for starting new business ventures. It also welcomes new residents with many benefits for company registration, attractive taxation, and fast Cyprus residency.

In this article by Immigration Explorer, your golden visa agency, discover how settling down in Cyprus can be rewarding. It just might be the strategic next step in your entrepreneurial journey.

Setting Up a Business in Cyprus – the Benefits

Ideally situated in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus is famous for its history, culture, and landscapes. Surrounded by scenic mountains and nature, new Cyprus residents find themselves in the impressive territory.

Moreover, this Mediterranean island isn’t just a perfect vacation spot. Cyprus is also convenient for individuals who aspire to do international business. As a member of the European Union (EU), Cyprus connects its residents from around the world. This island is home to strategic economic opportunities while maintaining low costs of living.

In fact, Cyprus was among the Forbes 2019 list of “Best Countries for Business”. And Entrepreneur claimed it to be an “entrepreneurial paradise” for digital nomads and online entrepreneurs. 

The country is getting international attention from online entrepreneurs considering Cyprus company set-up with its welcoming business environment, easy company registration requirements, and incentivizing tax system. In fact, you can start a Cyprus Ltd in just a few weeks. Besides, it comes with the additional bonus of being a fully-licensed EU-business.

Cyprus company registration may be easy, but what about getting Cyprus residency for digital nomads and online entrepreneurs?

EU Citizens

Citizens of EU countries can stay in Cyprus for up to 3 months before needing to apply for a yellow slip, the official registration certificate for EU citizens. They do not need to apply for a golden visa. 

By simply setting up a company in Cyprus, they can become employed under the company and apply for the yellow slip. Pink slips are temporary residency certificates for non-EU nationals that are either self-employed, receive employment in Cyprus, or invest in Cyprus real estate.

Digital Nomads

As a digital nomad, Cyprus makes it straightforward to navigate its immigration system and establish permanent residency. Further, Cyprus only requires an individual to stay in Cyprus at least 60 days annually to become a tax resident. 

For online entrepreneurs and those who travel for business, this provides ten months of travel time while still making the most of tax benefits. The “60 Day Rule” provides security and a favorable base for those whose business it is to travel and work away from home.

Cyprus Tax Residents

A Cyprus tax resident still needs to pay taxes on their worldwide income but there are many exceptions. For example, a Non-Dom tax resident does not need to pay taxes on international dividends, “passive” interest income, or profit from the sale of securities.

In mid-2022, the Cypriot government approves tax incentives to attract foreign labor talent and promote headquartering on the island

With this new bill, new employees/residents in Cyprus (e.g. when a company relocates to Cyprus with its employees = headquartering)…

  • receive a 50% tax break on income above 55,000€ p.a. (formerly 100,000€ p.a.)
  • receive a 20% tax break on income below 55,000€ p.a. (formerly 100,000€ p.a.)
  • enjoy these tax breaks for 17 years (formerly 10 years)

In practice, this looks as follows under the new bill:

  • up to 54,999€ remains progressive (0-30%) with tax breaks up to 20%
  • 55,001€ and above (30%-35%) with tax breaks up to 50%

This also applies to entrepreneurs who pay themselves a salary, e.g. as CEO, to which income tax applies.

Finally, 90 days annually of employment outside the country is exempt from taxation.

Under the “60 Day Rule,” digital nomads and online entrepreneurs interested in gaining tax residency will be considered non-domicile (Non-Dom). This means that they have not previously had a residency in Cyprus or are a Cyprus national. They can maintain tax resident status for up to 17 years before they are considered domiciled and have different tax requirements.

Immigration and taxation laws are clear and easy to navigate. Many digital nomads and online entrepreneurs love favorable tax policies. Besides, the freedom in Cyprus compares to that in other countries, all while having the stability of a home address. 

As banking and tax policies become more complex over time, digital nomads and online entrepreneurs can use their home addresses to receive utility bills and taxation certifications. These make it easier to open bank accounts and prove to national origin countries that taxes on income are being paid legally abroad.

The Advantages of a Residency in Cyprus Over Other Countries

Digital nomads are always on-the-go, but that doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice a vibrant home-base. Immersed in Mediterranean culture, Cyprus is a fascinating destination for tourists and residents alike. 

The 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus has been home to many ancient civilizations. It connects the continents of Europe, Africa, and Asia. With a high safety rating and a picturesque mildly warm climate, Cyprus is suitable for those searching for a healthy and relaxed lifestyle.

1. Cost of Living

On average, it is 25% cheaper to live in Cyprus than in other destinations in Western Europe. Besides, the economy boasts high incomes.

The quality of life and large volumes of cultural sites to enjoy maybe why over 100,000 other foreigners have already chosen to move to Cyprus.

2. Barrier-Free Language

As the expat community thrives, language barriers are little. Greek is the official language of Cyprus but almost everyone is capable of speaking and working in English. 

Other countries in Europe offering digital nomad residency present more communication obstacles that could make the process of moving and establishing a business more difficult.

3. Advanced Healthcare

Another reason so many expats have relocated to Cyprus is its advanced healthcare. Beyond the restorative nature of the climate, the medical system of Cyprus meets international standards while keeping costs for services low. 

In 2019, the government revamped its National Healthcare Systems (NHS). Both citizens and tax residents are entitled to its services. As the healthcare system continues to improve, Cyprus is experiencing a large influx of medical tourists.

4. Taxation and Immigration Policies

Taxation policy is still one of the largest influencing factors why many investors choose Cyprus. We have already discussed the “60 Day Rule” for becoming a tax resident. But the tax incentives continue to add up when compared to other countries.

Malta taxes at a higher rate than Cyprus and also includes a withholding tax. Cyprus does not. Further, Malta requires a stay of 6 months as opposed to the 2-month requirement in Cyprus.


First of all, Estonia developed a flat tax rate of 20%, much higher than that of Cyprus. Besides, Estonia does have a fairly easy residency program (e-residency) for non-EU nationals but it is limited to setting up a company. It does not provide for full residency.


Bulgaria has one of the lowest flat tax rates in Europe at 10%. However, there are more rules on how to gain residency in Bulgaria. For instance, individuals must reside in Bulgaria 183 days annually, have a permanent address, and demonstrate that the center of their vital interests is in Bulgaria. For digital nomads and online entrepreneurs, it can be tricky to prove that their vital interests are in Bulgaria. 

Moreover, those in Bulgaria for study or medical treatment cannot count those periods of time towards the 183 days of residency. Thus, retirees and individuals interested in moving abroad for medical services would have a harder time establishing themselves as permanent residents in Bulgaria.

Ready to Find a Home in Cyprus?

Cyprus hospitality and economic climate make it one of the best countries for digital nomads and online entrepreneurs. Full of vibrant culture and attractive residency programs, Cyprus provides stability and ease for new residents. Digital nomads can work and enjoy all that Cyprus has to offer while close to other international destinations.

If you are a digital nomad considering establishing Cyprus residency, contact the experts at Immigration Explorer! Let us assist you in establishing your Cyprus residency and business venture. 

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