Canada Investment Immigration

canada investment immigration

Are you curious about Canada Investment Immigration? The world is full of investment opportunities for immigrants! For instance, you can gain residency and live in the EU if you buy a property! Countries like Greece in the EU have ample investment immigration opportunities as presented by experts like Immigration Explorer.

North America hasn’t been left behind. Countries like Canada have always welcomed individuals who would be great assets, particularly investors and entrepreneurs. The country is great for investment immigration because it offers low taxes and business costs that allow businesses to thrive.

The Canadian economic growth prospects are also great. What’s more, Canada offers a high quality of life and excellent research and innovation. If you are looking to move to Canada for investment purposes, there are several Canada Investment Immigration options to choose from.

1. QIIP (Quebec Immigrant Investor Program)

This program doesn’t require an investor to actively establish or manage a business in Quebec. However, an investor should invest 1.2 million CAD (~955,000 USD) into a government-guaranteed investment. He/she should also intend to settle in Quebec.

Successful program applicants receive a selection certificate allowing them to get permanent residence in Canada after a health and criminality exam is conducted by immigration authorities.

Summary of Requirements

An applicant must

  • have a personal net worth (legally acquired) amounting to 2 million CAD (~1,590,000 USD) or more and are ready to invest 1.2 million CAD (~955,000 USD) in a government-guaranteed investment for 5 years with no interest.
  • intend to live in Quebec province.
  • have 2 or more years of management experience or 5 years of business experience before applying.

Immigration Explorer can help with the above requirements and others for securing permanent residence in Canada via QIIP.

2. Start-Up Visa Program

Canada has a program dubbed the Start-Up Visa program that gives permanent residence to immigrant entrepreneurs who meet certain requirements. 

The program’s goal is to recruit innovative entrepreneurs from all over the world and link them up with Canada’s private sector businesses (like angel investor groups, business incubators, venture capitalists, etc.) to ensure the successful establishment of start-ups in Canada.

This Canadian investment immigration program offers one of the best chances for immigrant investors. You simply need to apply and be innovative in showing how you will add value.

Summary of Requirements

To qualify, applicants must

  • show their proficiency in English and French (Canadian Language Benchmarks – Level 5).
  • have a qualifying idea/business.
  • have enough financial resources to live/settle in Canada.
  • have a funding commitment or letter of support issued by designated institutions. That’s a minimum of 200,000 CAD (~160,000 USD) from designated venture capitalists and 75,000 CAD (~60,000 USD) from an approved business incubator or angel investor.

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3. PNPs (Provincial Nominee Programs)

Most provinces in Canada allow investment immigration through special programs known as PNPs or Provincial Nominee Programs. Each province running a PNP program has its own requirements for investors and immigrants to meet.

British Columbia PNP

Entrepreneurs must be worth 600,000 CAD (~480,000 USD) or more, have at least three years of business experience as proprietors or managers to qualify for British Columbia PNP. Other requirements include investing 200,000 CAD (~160,000 USD) and creating one or more full-time jobs reserved for Canadian citizens.

Manitoba PNP

Entrepreneurs must invest at least 250,000 CAD (~200,000 USD) from their minimum personal net worth of 500,000 CAD (~400,000 USD). They should also have 3 or more years of working experience as managers or business owners. 

Special investor groups like farmers need to invest at least 300,000 CAD (~240,000 USD) out of the minimum net worth of 500,000 CAD (~400,000 USD) and have 3 or more years of working experience as farm owners or operators.

New Brunswick PNP

Entrepreneur immigrants thinking of investing in Canada’s New Brunswick province need to be worth at least 600,000 CAD (~480,000 USD) and plan to invest 250,000 CAD (~200,000 USD) or more. Applicants also need 3 or more years of working experience as managers or business owners.

Northwest Territories PNP

Investor immigrants who wish to stay and establish their businesses in Northwest Territories need 150,000 CAD (~120,000 USD) or more in personal net worth depending on the territory and at least 3 years of working experience as business owners or managers.

Nova Scotia PNP

Investor immigrants keen on investing and staying in Nova Scotia need a minimum net worth of 600,000 CAD (~480,000 USD), at least 150,000 CAD (~120,000 USD) in investment capital, and 3+ years of working experience as business owners or managers.

Ontario PNP

Ontario province requires immigrant investors to be worth 800,000 CAD or more. Investors living outside the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) require a lower net worth of 200,000 CAD (~160,000 USD) but need to create at least two full-time jobs. Investors outside GTA need to create one full-time job. ICT and related sectors have a 400,000 CAD (~320,000 USD) minimum personal net worth requirement and a minimum investment of 200,000 CAD (~160,000 USD).

Corporates setting up international corporations need to be at least 3 years old and linked to parent corporations abroad or a new business in Ontario. They also need to make investments amounting to 5,000,000 CAD (~4,000,000 USD) or more and create 5 new jobs or more for Canadian citizens.

Prince Edward Island PNP

Canada investment immigration requirements for Prince Edward Island include a minimum net worth of 600,000 CAD (~480,000 USD) and a community endorsement. These requirements secure a business work permit.

Saskatchewan PNP

Immigrant investors wishing to participate in the entrepreneur farm program need a net worth of 500,000 CAD (~400,000 USD) or 300,000 CAD (~240,000 USD) if under 40 years. A cash deposit of 75,000 CAD (~60,000 USD) is also needed and three years of experience.

All applicants who are successful in any PNP get work permits. They also need to invest the agreed amount and meet other requirements such as job creation within a stipulated period (usually one to two years). If you don’t know which option to consider, don’t worry! Talk to immigration experts – Immigration Explorer!

4. Work Visa

If you wish to move to Canada and run your own business, you can consider getting a Section: 205 work visa. For this Canada Investment immigration option, you need to incorporate a Canadian Company, register with Canada’s Revenue Agency, open a bank account for your Canadian company, and deposit money for your company’s use.

Other requirements include having a business plan explaining how your investment will be beneficial to Canada. The process takes six months or less. After running your business successfully for a year, you can apply for permanent residence. Get help as an immigrant setting up a business in Canada.

The Takeaway: Canada Investment Immigration

There are several ways of moving to Canada as an investor. These ways are categorized based on factors such as your personal net worth, preferred location (province in Canada), age of your business/experience, and other factors. You can choose the QIIP, Start-Up Visa Program, PNPs, or get a work visa depending on your reasons for choosing Canada or the business you wish to set up.

The above information summarises some popular Canada Investment Immigration options to consider. However, there’s more to the subject than what is discussed above. If you want professional assistance on the best way for you to emigrate and invest in Canada, consider talking to experts at Immigration Explorer who have specialized in all Canada Investment Immigration issues and emigration to other top countries in Europe, Asia, and Middle-East.

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