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Purchasing a Golden Visa Greece by Investment opens the door to Europe and all the benefits of living in the EU for you, your family, and your business. Long sought after for its culture, history, and vibrant lifestyle, Greece is currently one of the best places to live in Europe. 

Between 2014 and 2021, the Greek government issued more than 8,000 Greek Golden Visas to main applicants and more than 15,000 family members. Many of the new residents are Chinese or Russian.

Immigration Explorer delivers the best tips on obtaining the Golden Visa Greece by Investment and guides you through the process of relocating to this Mediterranean hotspot hassle-free.

Why Live in Greece?

As a full member-state of the European Union, Greece gets high marks for quality of life, safe living conditions, and access to life and health services. The country is also a blend of both ancient and modern culture that continues to fascinate residents and visitors.

Greek society owes its unique spirit to its origins, hailed as the birthplace of Western civilization. Living in Greece opens up opportunities to visit significant archaeological sites and countless museums that showcase the ways Greek culture has impacted the world for centuries.

As the country gets over 300 days of sun annually, exploring Greece’s deep heritage and modern entertainment venues can be done year-round. 

Whether you enjoy fine art performances or taking in the great outdoors, Greece is offering something for everyone. Cafes, restaurants, and nightlife venues ensure that you’re never bored, if you reside in the country.

Why Get a Golden Visa Greece by Investment?

Besides a thriving cultural hub, Greece presents residents with many advantages to living in the EU, from education, healthcare, European travel, and investment opportunities.

Expanded in 2018, the Greek Golden Visa program allows for non-EU foreign nationals to gain Greek real estate investment in Greece (residential or commercial).

It also provides a citizenship route (Greek passport) through naturalization or jus sanguinis. You can apply for citizenship through naturalization after 7 years of permanent residency, and following a language test for full EU citizen benefits.

As real estate building permits have recently started to increase by 10%, real estate investments rose by 20%, bringing in 1.5 billion Euros in foreign investment capital.

Greece has many international educational opportunities for foreign residents, ranging from primary school to post-secondary education. Many high schools also offer the acclaimed International Baccalaureate (IB) program to keep students competitive in their studies in-country and abroad.

The country also has many modern healthcare services and skilled practitioners for every medical industry. Both the National Health Service and the private sector offer state-of-the-art medical prevention and treatment services.

Moreover, foreign Greek residents are able to communicate and access Greek facilities as English is the second most common language. Many European and non-European languages are also frequently heard around the country, distinguishing Greece’s multilingual nature and making it easy for foreign residents to go through lifestyle tasks easily.

Find out more about Greece on our designated country page.

Alongside the benefits of living in Greek society, the Golden Visa program allows for the freedom to travel to any European country or the Schengen zone visa-free and without restrictions. 

While residents in Greece can enjoy living in the 4th best country to visit, they are also free to explore the many wonders of Europe. Having a Golden Visa opens up the world to travel or start new business ventures not only in Greece but in the EU.

To see all the benefits of getting a Golden Visa Greece Investment for you and your family as well as learn about the affordable costs and the process of completing an application, continue reading Immigration Explorer’s guide to a Greek Golden Visa.

Residency in Greece – Who is it for?

Starting from ~293,000 USD (250,000€), the Greek residency card is an attractive investment immigration program, both in investment volume and benefits that come with it. Read up on the details of the Greek Golden Visa program here!

International high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs), wealthy retirees, and entrepreneurs know and value the advantages and benefits that investment immigration brings for themselves, their families, and businesses. This includes lifestyle choices, favorable tax regulations, and medical advantages.

9 Tips to Get Your Golden Visa Greece by Investment

When purchasing a Golden Visa with real estate in Greece, you will want to make sure that everything is handled professionally and accurately. Any misstep could leave you with a property you didn’t actually agree to, cost you more than it benefits you, or even cause unnecessary delays to your Golden Visa application.

To help you get the most out of your Golden Visa real estate process, Immigration Explorer has 9 foolproof tips to help navigate through this attractive investment program.

1. Do your Own Research

There is always going to be positive and negative hype about the neighborhoods and development projects in the real estate market. Dig in deeper to understand an area’s potential in comparison to its history. 

This will also give you a better grasp of the location’s demand over time and help you decide if this is the best time to invest in a particular real estate property or project.

2. Focus on Properties that Meet Your Needs

As foreign investment from the Golden Visa program continues to expand the Greek market, pay special attention to properties that meet your needs right now. 

Also, consider if a property has enough qualities that make it worth the investment in real estate in the long-term. You may want to live in it yourself later on, even if you choose to rent it out for now. 

You will need to decide what matters most to you, be it public transportation, entertainment venues, or education and medical facilities. Visiting Greece can help you get a better feel for the true value of property investments and the impact they will have on your lifestyle or financial interests.

3. Research Planned Developments and Investments 

Having a reliable partner like Immigration Explorer’s network of local experts can get you the information you need to know about up-and-coming developments and investments. 

You might skip over sleepy neighborhoods not realizing that new development projects are being planned to turn the area into a prime investment locale.

4. Connect with Locals

It may seem that there is a lot to do when going through the process of purchasing Golden Visa real estate in Greece, but there is no one better to provide you with insight than the locals. 

Get connected with Greek residents or other Golden Visa foreign nationals who reside or invest in the areas you are interested in. They can help you understand the market trends of the area over time and guide you on areas for concern when investing in different property types.

5. Consider Affordable Alternative Areas

If you are interested in purchasing Greek real estate for residential purposes, look beyond busy city centers to outlying suburbs. Many excellent educational institutes and medical facilities are located in or near more affordable neighborhoods. 

Local publications can leave you with a better sense of the neighborhoods and if these are the right fit for your lifestyle needs. Even new urban investment hubs will influence the surrounding neighborhoods, giving you the benefits of living in a more affordable, quiet neighborhood with easy access to centers of business and culture.

6. Understand the Housing Market and its Trends

Investment opportunities can come at different times of the year. Staying updated on market trends as well as interest rates provide investors more options to purchase real estate at a great price.

Winter and spring typically see less competition for property investment as this is generally a downtime for development projects and tourism.

7. Use a Local Agent & Hire a Trustworthy Lawyer

Local agents have the experience to guide you through the Golden Visa process and make sure that you are protected when purchasing real estate. You will also need a reliable lawyer to assist you in the paperwork and details of the investment contracts. 

A lawyer can also make sure you are getting the investment exactly as it is portrayed in the sales pitch, ensuring you avoid any mistakes or oversights. Immigration Explorer connects you with expert agents and legal teams to make the process of finding the right professionals stress-free.

8. Work with Surveyors & Inspectors

Part of the process of purchasing Golden Visa real estate in Greece is using surveyors and inspectors to run quality checks on already developed properties and to look into zoning codes and other regulations that could affect future development projects.

The requirements of the Golden Visa Greece by Investment program require that an applicant visit Greece to open a bank account and complete background checks for the application process, but it is not always feasible for an applicant to stay within the country while the purchase of the property goes through. 

Surveyors and inspectors bring applicants peace of mind that the properties they believe they are investing in are the values they are actually getting.

9. Keep in Mind Taxes & Fees

Finally, don’t forget to add in the value of real estate purchasing taxes and fees imposed by Greek regulations. These will add to the overall cost associated with the investment purchase for your Golden Visa.

There will also be expenses associated with the necessary notary and legal work. Both your local agent and lawyer can help guide you through these rates and make sure you meet application investment requirements while staying in budget with the additional expenditures on your investment property.

The Takeaway

Obtaining a Golden Visa Greece Investment doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor. Reaching out to the right partners and understanding the market trends in Greece will lead you to many investment opportunities in the heart of Western civilization.

Immigration Explorer helps you to get your Greek residency permit, relocate and start your own legacy in the Hellenic Republic.

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