10 Reasons for Retiring in Cyprus

10 reasons for retiring in cyprus

This dynamic Turkish-Greek island has many saying goodbye to their home countries and retiring in Cyprus, the golden sunny wonderland!

Immigration Explorer delves into the 10 top reasons that this Mediterranean island is a retirement paradise. Then read about the many locations around the island to find the perfect one for you. Once you find your ideal island home, find out about our range of personalized services to get you moved in easier and faster. 

The Top Reasons for Retiring in Cyprus

The United Nations (UN) estimated that Cyprus has over 20,000 expat residents over the age of 60. Keep reading as we explore the top ten benefits to health, lifestyle, and financial stability that many retirees are already experiencing in Cyprus and why you should be joining them.

1. Affordability 

Since joining the EU in 2004, Cyprus has remained one of the best European countries for its cost of living. Prices throughout Cyprus did notice an increase when the Cypriot pound was replaced with the Euro in 2008. Yet, prices for many home goods, groceries, and services remain far below other Western EU countries’ by 25%. Rent and property prices are lower as well. 

2. Climate

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Cyprus gets 340 days of sunshine annually. This means you can enjoy sunny days at the beach or in the city throughout the entire year. The weather tends to be warm and balmy during the summer months of April to October. 

November through March sees more frequent rain showers but not enough to dampen the Cypriot spirit. Retiring in Cyprus can lead to overall improvements to health with its beautiful and relaxing climate.

3. Healthcare

It is important to select a country with good healthcare when choosing to retire. Cyprus has state-of-the-art medical facilities and many public or private healthcare institutions to pick from. The average life expectancy is around 80 for most living in Cyprus. Further, Cypriot residents and citizens consider their health to be in very good condition as a result of the quality of life and environment found in Cyprus.

Also, the new GeSY national healthcare system will reach its full functioning capability this year and is open to both residents and citizens of Cyprus, providing services that compare with international standards while keeping healthcare costs low.

4. EU-Status

As a member country of the EU, Cyprus provides many legal and lifestyle advantages to expats in Cyprus. Cypriot law follows the protocols set in place by the EU and offers residents of Cyprus a sense of security and wellbeing. 

Further, retiring in Cyprus comes with the additional EU benefits of being able to travel freely to any EU country and easy access to travel to Schengen countries. Situated between Europe, Asia, and Africa, Cyprus is an ideal home location for retirees eager to travel and experience vibrant new cultures.

5. Immigration Benefits

Retiring in a new country can be a stressful immigration process. Cyprus has a number of programs to encourage new residents. They have attractive programs for expats in Cyprus to gain tax residency status through investment in the country or by purchasing a property in Cyprus. 

Another quick route to becoming a tax resident is to get a residence permit and then stay in Cyprus for more than 60 days. After 60 days in the country, the government will grant you permanent tax residence, making it easy to open a bank account, set up a business, or just appreciate the many financial benefits Cyprus has to offer.

6. Taxation Advantages 

When you move to Cyprus, you will notice attractive differences in the taxation policies. As a tax resident, there is an income tax of 20-35% on all income above 19,501 Euros. There are many exceptions granted under the income tax policy. 

Further, there is no withholding tax in Cyprus and non-domiciled tax residents are exempt from the Special Defence Contribution tax. Moreover, Cyprus has double taxation treaties with more than 60 countries, allowing for less taxation on income for residents of Cyprus.

Another tax benefit in Cyprus is that there is no inheritance tax, making it easy for those retiring in Cyprus to leave wealth for their families in the future.  

Cyprus does have a Value Added Tax ranging from 0-19% on many goods. However, many electronics and other specialized goods have duty-free importation. One duty free advantage of retiring in Cyprus is the importation of a car, allowing you to discover Cyprus quicker and cheaper.

Overall, Cyprus has a favorable tax system for many expats in Cyprus and allows their money to go further than if they lived in other EU countries.

7. Pensions

Due to the favorable income tax policies, Cyprus taxes at a very low rate on pensions transferred to Cypriot banking systems. Some countries, such as the United Kingdom, can pay pensions directly to British expats in Cyprus and offer additional benefits based on personal circumstances such as sickness or bereavement.

8. High Safety

Another great feature of retiring in Cyprus is its low crime rate. Cyprus is considered one of the safest countries among visitors and residents, with petty theft being the most common occurrence. Many people living in Cyprus feel it is very safe to walk around during both day and night times.

Retirees can have peace-of-mind that they can move around Cyprus without worry of being attacked or having valuable property stolen. Further, family members such as grandchildren can come for holiday vacations and enjoy the beautiful outdoors without parental worries.

9. Vibrant Culture

Cyprus has a long history of Turkish and Greek culture in which to discover. From cuisine, laidback lifestyle options, scenic destinations, and rich archeological sites, Cyprus is wealthy in dynamic places to experience for any interest or hobby. 

Most Cypriots speak English and over 110,000 expats already form a strong community for those living away from their home countries. There are ample ways to enjoy living on this golden island.

10. Housing Value

Since 2016, Cyprus’s banking systems have remained firm and stable, unemployment rates have improved, and the economy is rapidly growing. Housing sales have also continued to go up while retaining fairly low property prices. 

Going into the next decade, Cyprus is leading the way for retirees looking to get the most value for their money and finding their dream home.

Move to Cyprus with the Immigration Explorer Services

We deliver a wide range of services to individuals ready to retire in Cyprus. We are happy to assist you through this new journey with:

  1. Relocation and Immigration Services

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  1. Residence Permits

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The Takeaway

By retiring in Cyprus, you can get the most out of life. This dynamic island boasts one of the highest qualities of life throughout the EU with perks for lifestyle, safety, health, and financial security. 

With Immigration Explorer, this goal is not that far away. Let us set you up in this Mediterranean sanctuary!

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