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We assist individuals to become global citizens. Attention HNWIs, wealthy retirees, and entrepreneurs: Immigration Explorer is your trusted compass to navigate the complex world of investment immigration around the world. Besides, we assist business owners to lift the potential of international locations, expand their business, and benefit from favorable tax regulations.


Who Benefits from Investment Immigration?

At Immigration Explorer we offer advice and services focused on HNWI, retirees, and entrepreneurs aspiring to improve their lives and optimize their businesses. Investment immigration provides non-EU citizens with access to the European Union. EU citizens can benefit from international relocation and lifestyle choices.

Tailor-Made Solutions for YOU

We know that all private clients and businesses are unique. Therefore, we offer tailor-made solutions with a strategic approach. All services are personalized and have our clients in the focus. We help you to identify and implement the ideal residency or citizenship option for your situation, so you will meet your long-term goals.

One-Stop-Solutions for Investment Immigration

Immigration Explorer is more than just an investment immigration platform. We provide one-stop solutions for golden visa and citizenship programs in the EU, Europe, and Asia. 

You can expect us to deliver the full range of services around immigration and relocation – from immigration application to consultation on real estate acquisition as well as support on tax regulations, asset management, education opportunities, and legal services via our extensive partner network.

What sets us apart is an international team of experts, our own experience in relocating, and an extensive network of professional partners in various disciplines. We focus on countries with a favorable tax environment for HNWIs.

Residency & Citizenship by Investment Programs

When you think of obtaining a second passport and golden visas, you may immediately think of tax havens and Caribbean citizenship like Antigua and Barbuda or St. Kitts and Nevis. But there are other attractive countries around the world that offer smart residency programs as well as citizenship by investment programs. RBI/CBI programs in the EU enjoy the benefits of the European Union, as well as an attractive geopolitical location, diverse lifestyle choices, rich culture, and profitable business opportunities.

European Union


Best for Financial Optimization
Residency from 300,000€. Citizenship only through naturalization.


Best Value for Program Costs
Residency from 250,000€. Citizenship only via naturalization or jus sanguinis.


Cheapest Option for Full Family
Residency from 150,000€ and citizenship from 1,150,000€.


Most Diverse Range of Options
Residency from 280,000€. No citizenship program at the moment.

Europe & Middle East & Asia


Residency from x€ and citizenship from x€.


Residency from x€ and citizenship from x€.

Dubai / UAE

Residency from x€ and citizenship from x€.


Residency from x€ and citizenship from x€.

We know that every situation is unique

If you can’t find your dream destination, or what suits your needs, please contact us for your non-binding and FREE consultation.

Key Benefits of Alternative Residency or Citizenship


Safety & Stability

Enjoy the safety, privacy, and stability of a second passport from a peaceful country. Some people may be persecuted and marginalized in their home country. Or the political (and economical) situation is unstable. In these cases, a second residency or citizenship functions as a type of “insurance” for investors, their families, and business to be able to move quickly as needed and desired.


Wealth & Tax Management

Manage your wealth efficiently and effectively, and protect your assets with dual citizenship. Enjoy the advantages of global tax optimization on worldwide income. For example, some countries only tax income earned from that country and capital gains are tax exempt. In general, a second passport is often seen as a status symbol of the 21st century. High net-worth individuals and ultra high net-worth individuals wisely invest in their wealth and future.


Futurism & Digitalization

With globalization and digitalization evolving quicker than ever before, staying ahead of trends and setting them sets successful investors and entrepreneurs apart from dreamers. Residence by investment and obtained citizenships from attractive countries in the EU, Europe, Middle East, and Asia allow HNWI and UHNWI from around the world to set up their lives, families, and businesses for success, a happy lifestyle, and sustainability.


Business & Investment

Existing and new businesses often benefit from incentives and investment opportunities in the host country. In particular, companies typically benefit from favorable tax rules and business regulations in the target country. For example, with 12.5%, Cyprus has one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the EU - as well as many other benefits and incentives for businesses. Moreover, host countries often welcome businesses and investors happily and keep any hurdles and obstacles as low as possible. You will find that in your new home country, doing business is much easier.


Freedom & Global Mobility

Visa-free travel worldwide for business and pleasure, including the EU, without the burden of constant visa applications or even visa refusal. Many passports are restrictive in their mobility. A second passport, therefore, offers increased global mobility (visa waiver). For example, the passport of Pakistan allows visa-free entry only into 40 countries. But the passport of Malta allows visa-free entry into 116 countries. Take a look at the Global Passport Index for the score of every passport in the world.


Lifestyle & Education

Live the life you want and deserve for yourself, your family, and your business. Most citizenship by investment programs are available also for the family members of the main applicant. This means that investors can secure a better future for their partner and children. Besides, a second passport provides access to the best health care and education worldwide, as well as an elevated lifestyle. Especially education is the foundation of a successful life as a global citizen. This investment for yourself and your children is one of the best ones you can make!

Why Choose Immigration Explorer

Our clients are our first priority. The multicultural and multilingual team at Immigration Explorer assists you from start to finish of your permanent residency and citizenship endeavor. We are committed to your success!

Our advice and recommendations are based on real-life experience, an extensive network of industry professionals, and a team that always stays on top of the latest trends and developments of this fast-paced sector.

Our all-inclusive services will make your life easier and hassle-free. Finally, with our satisfaction-oriented approach, you will only pay for successful golden visa and citizenship acquisitions. Our consultations are always FREE.

YOU Are Our Commitment

At Immigration Explorer, your interest and success are our primary focus. We work on your behalf and are dedicated to providing the specialized investment immigration solutions that you need. Our team has the latest insights and expertise that allow our clients to make confident investment immigration choices that positively impact their life, family, and business. We put your needs first!

Invest in Your Future!

Take advantage of the many benefits of being a global citizen and business owner. Travel the world, benefit from tax optimization, as well as economic and political stability. Enjoy your new freedom and your new life in beautiful destinations around the world!

Get in touch with us and plan your future. Request a callback!

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